Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nation in the Darkness

I decided to post this song now, while hockey season is still on. The snow is gone and it’s getting warm but I for one am still reeling about Sidney Crosby’s overtime goal at the Olympics. Could it be that this is the new , “Where were you in 1972 when Canada beat the Russians”?

When CBC had the super fun contest of coming up with a new theme for Hockey Night in Canada, I composed a couple of entries and that is how this song started.

Talking with songwriters over the years, it's obvious that song writing is an individualized process, - and not even the same process for individuals each time. Somehow this song started off as what I hoped could be a theme for Hockey Night in Canada, but very quickly found it taking a direction of it’s own.

I find that writing songs is fun that way. You have an idea, or a feeling you want to put out there, but you are never sure what you are going to end up with, or if it is an acurate representation of what you set out to express.

This is a song that just happened, - I was surprised when I finished it -Canadian, cold and dark, romance and hockey.