Friday, March 12, 2010

Jack Daniels

Many years ago, my friend Phil and I took a trip to Texas because we had never been there before. What a trip. At the airport duty free shop on the way home I bought a huge bottle of Jack Daniels - I think it was some crazy Texas size. I was proud to display that bottle for a while until one night it had to be opened.

The song is pretty much accurate, - a party until we ran out of beer, - just a few of us left and I went to get my giant sized bottle of Jack. The rest of the story is embellished a bit, but not much! It is true that my buddy Naill got the lions share of it that night (no one could keep up with him) but the few of us there all enjoyed much more than we needed. The bottle was started, and finished on that wonderful night so long ago in the Rockies.