Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wood and String Soul

My guitar was a high school graduation gift from my parents. I have played it pretty much daily for more than twenty years. It has played around campfires, on stages, in kitchens and in bars. It has been with me on many adventures and has been there for most every song I have ever written. As far as guitars go I dare say it has a pretty good life.

Is it possible that this once living tree, that gives life to music and vibrates with every note is capable of carrying energy from where it has been, where it has played, and from all those it had made dance, sing or smile?

I have a banjo my father found for me at a yard sale. What is its story? Where has it been? How come I feel inspired to play certain things on it and new original songs come to mind when I am playing it?

I have a mandolin from my uncle that jams so easily. It blends in effortlesly with the group and every note, intended or not sounds so right.

I have a fiddle that squawks and squeaks – even though I continue to get better at it over time, it is a labour and the music is forced. Does it have nothing to share with me? I am its first player…

Do wood and string have soul? Even a little bit? Do they pass on and share something to each new host?